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An MBA for Social Entrepreneurship
The urge within you to make a meaningful contribution to the world as an entrepreneur, manager, or executive can be empowered by the skills you'll gain from the MBA in Creative Enterprise.
An education that transforms
The MBA in
Creative Enterprise

Meridian's MBA in Creative Enterprise presents a pioneering approach to business and entrepreneurship education, merging personal advancement with systemic acumen. This prepares its graduates to establish sustainable, generative strategies that drive not only their individual success as entrepreneurs but also benefit the broader society. As a part of the cutting-edge third wave of business education, the program intertwines aspects of social, technological, and cultural innovation, shaping entrepreneurial leaders who are well-suited for the emerging transformation economy driven by experiences.


​Founded 30 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area, Meridian University enrolls students globally in its unique hybrid and 100% online graduate degree, certificate, and public programs. The University offers master's and doctoral programs in Psychology, Education and Business with diverse concentrations available within each of these programs. Meridian’s integrated, innovative curriculum is designed to be experiential and transformative.

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